We care about our environment!

Did you know that at Casa Pérez we are committed to minimizing our energy footprint and increasing the efficiency of our accommodation?

We live in our environment and therefore we try to take care of the most valuable things that surround us.

We have taken care of the details and our houses have an extra isolation (50% more than usual in similar homes) that minimizes temperature variations both in winter and summer and reduces the use of heating and air conditioning. Also double glazed windows with thermal bridge break increase the isolation level and significantly reduce outside noise so you can relax further and your sleep is of better quality and deeper.

We have installed low consumption aero thermal machines and under floor heating for the transmission of cold / heat. This means that we reduce energy use throughout the year. You will be surprised how comforting it is to walk barefoot around the house and notice how the temperature is uniform and pleasant throughout the house.

And if this were not enough, we obtain the hot water from all the houses by means of solar light with the installation of solar panels that achieve a more than optimal temperature for the continuous use of hot water. We have the support of two accumulators of considerable size to prevent you from having a frozen shower on cloudy days.